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EEG & Brain Mapping :

Indication :

SD, Migraine, Psychomotor Epilepsy

Brain Polarizer > 500 :


Resistant & recurrent Stress / Depression, Partial or delayed improvement, Associated with chronic insomnia.

Sleep Therapy > 500 :


Persisting problem of insomnia

Coaching > 3000 :



Resistant Depression, Suicidal ideations, refusal of food, stupor & marked psychomotor retardation Advantage: Superb results, break tolerance of medicine, long effect

Biofeedback Relaxation :


Anxious patients, Self learning therapy.

Narco Therapy > 500 :


Conversion Disorder

Alexander Technique :


Any time pt can start, especially for anxious patients


No cost, safe & effective, practiced at home

Reverse Counting :

Same like above

Arts/Music/Dance Therapies

Herbs :

Pure Red Ginseng (South Korea)

Yoga & Meditation :

Surya Namaskar, Upward-Facing Dog, Cobbler’s Pose, Corpse Pose, etc.

ECG > 3000:

Indication :


Intelligence and Ability Test (I.Q.) –

a. Development Screening Test (DST).
b. Bhatia Battery of Performance Intelligence Test.
c. Pass along Test of Performance Intelligence Test.
d. MIMH Development Screening Test.
e. Wechsler’s Adult Intelligence Scale (Verbal).
f. Godaharts Sanguin form Board Test.
g. Raven’s Progressive Matrics (Standard).
h. Test for Mental Ability – Mohan Joshi.
i. Thinking Creative With Figures – By Mehandi
j. Non Verbal Group Test of General Mental Ability.

Personality Test –

a. Rorschach Inkblot Tests
b. Eysenic Personality Questionnaire (EPQ).
c. Multi Phasic Questionnaire (Indian Modification of M.M.P.I. by H.N Moorthi (M.M.Q.)).
d. 16 P.F. Qustionaire Tests.
e. I.C.M.N. Child Emotional Rating Scale.

Aptitude Tests –

a. Verbal Reasoning Test.
b. Numeric Ability Test.

Adjustment (Inventories) Tests –

a. Asthana Adjustment Inventory.
b. Interest Parisuchi in Hindi.

Clinical Test –

a. ADHD Scale
b. P.G.L. Memory Test.
c. The Back Depression Test.
d. Hamilton Depression Test.
e. Mudsley Medical Test.
f. Vineland Social Maturity Test.
g. Behavior Measurement Test.
h. Bender (Visual Motor) Gestalt Test.
i. Knox’s Cube Imitation Test.
j. Digital Span Test.
k. Sinha Anexity Test.
l. Gurumeet Singh Test of Depression.
m. PGI Health Test. / Rating Scale.
n. GHQ Test.


Penile Electro Graph

Penile Efficiency Test

ED Evaluation

PME Evaluation

Arizona Sexual Intrest Test

Marital Adjustment Test

Sex Therapy > 5000 :


Male – Erectile Dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation Female – Vaginismus, Anorgasmia

Psycho - Sexual:

Patients with ED (Erectile Dysfunction), PME (Premature ejaculation), Nightfall, Excessive Masturbation, Decrease libido, Dhaat, Leucorrhea (White discharge), Vaginismus, Painful coitus, Postcoital headache, Nonconsumat marriage, UTI, Rape victims, Childhood abuse, Sexual Obsession, sexual Obsession etc.

Psychotherapy :

ED Evaluation & Management
PME Evaluation & Management
Pre Marital Therapy
Pre Honeymoon Counseling
Marital Discord
Sexual Obsession
Sexual Weakness

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